My 3D yard art/2D/Pathway Markers are only partially lit, what do I do?

Attached to the frame is little Zip Ties (They can vary in color to blend in with the fabric) in order to get into difficult to reach places to check the bulbs, use scissors to cut the zip ties (One at a time) and check to make sure the light bulbs are secure (and in the correct position, wires touching wires) in one piece with no breaks or cracks, and not burnt out (may have a black or white film on the inside, or you can hear a “rattling” from the burnt out wire in the bulb) If they are broken or burnt out, replace with the spare bulbs found in your replacement kit (little baggie of bulbs and zip ties) repeat this until the problem is found. DO NOT REMOVE ALL ZIP TIES AT ONCE! The material, once un-stretched, is not able to be stretched back over the frame. Only do one section at a time!

For Pathway Markers, you can pull the front and back pieces apart. They have pieces that fit inside each other to hold them together. From there you can check and replace any light bulbs.


My entire product won’t light up. I checked the lights and they are fine. What should I do next?

If your light bulbs are all ok, then you should try replacing the fuse. On your plug is a small rectangular door. Push the door out towards the prongs (you may need to use a tool the first time) and the 2 fuses will be in the chamber. Remove them and put in the 2 new fuses. Slide the door back into place.

Can I purchase products directly from your company?

No. We sell to authorized retailers only. We do not sell directly to consumers.


My product was missing a piece like a scarf, or hat. It’s on the instruction sheet, why is it not in my box?

We have many different styles of similar figures, so often times the instructions are for the base model, and include instructions for the addition pieces that your model may not come with. For example, if you purchased a basic Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, but your instructions say how to attach his hat, this is not for your model. That is an added step for those who have the model with his accessories. You can disregard them.


I need to call customer service for replacement parts. What do I need to provide the Representative?

You will need either the box with the UPC Barcode number or the SKU number. We will also the name of the retailer you bought it from. Some stores have different versions of the same model which are sold under the same Item number. Knowing the retailer ensures we get you the correct replacement parts.


I’m not 100% satisfied with my purchase. Will you give me a refund or exchange of product?

No. We sell to authorized retailers only, so any refunds or exchanges must be done through the retailer you bought it from. We can send out replacement parts to be shipped to you, but we cannot repair products or do exchanges.